Online art marketing

Internet Marketing of your art – Learn to love it

As an artist you want to create, and not waste time on the net doing this ‘marketing thing’. Like many other artists you may *sigh* if you even hear the dreadful ‘M’ word. However, internet marketing of your art is important if you want to reach people around the world who would otherwise be beyond your scope. So, how to start marketing your art in a way that would be both profitable and enjoyable?

If you already use social media like Twitter or Facebook you will be familiar with the ease to post content and reach people who already know you (either your followers on Twitter or your friends on Facebook). Take this a step further and post a picture of your artwork on one of the many Facebook art-related groups, or, on Twitter, use an accompanying hashtag symbol (#) and a keyword like ‘art’ in your Tweets to categorize them and make them show up in Twitter searches. Once you've done this, you have taken the first bold steps in online art marketing. Remember never to post either only a picture or only a textual message. Instead, use both: an alluring picture of your artwork and an interesting description (or maybe some details about what inspired you to create the artwork). You may be surprised of the reactions you get, and in time, those viewers will become your next customers!

online art marketing

Another playful way to advertise your work is to spend a small amount of money on online ads on art websites - or to use Google’s AdWords (your ad appears above all normal or ‘organic’ search engine results). The amount of money spend can be low (under $50) and results can be superb. Some people may contact you just because they like your art and want to get to know the artist, others may buy directly. If you use those methods light heartedly and without too much of an expectation you will be pleasantly surprised. Even when you are not able to sell your work within a couple of months, having them out on the internet for the world to see and your name remembered is a good start in online marketing.

An important point to remember in online art marketing is that quality is far more important than quantity. Promote your best works and even then, don’t assume or expect that ‘quality work will sell itself’. If you do make such assumptions, you will get disappointed. The market is ferociously competitive and it gets harder and harder to make predictions on what will sell and what will stay in your art repository. If you don’t like to market your art to people (like many artists do) but realize the benefits of it, try to start off slow, with some ease, and discover which methods you like best. One day you may start to like the art of getting in touch with potential customers and even getting the hang of it, and you’ll be closing sale after sale… Art and Bohemia whishes you good luck!