Born out of the wish to connect contemporary art with a worldwide audience, Art and Bohemia was created as a platform on which artists and art lovers alike can meet each other. Art and Bohemia was looking to provide fast performance, connections to social media and an optimal user experience. We are dedicated to sell original art by promoting and advertising it through a wide range of media outlets, helping artists to establish a reputation and increase the value of their artwork.

As a curated art site, Art and Bohemia offers artists the possibility to show their work online and sell their work commission-free, directly to art lovers. Art buyers alike will not be charged any commission fees. Believing in both art and the artist, ‘Bohemia’ represents the value given to the artist as a persona. Art and Bohemia is there to make artists and art-lovers happy and give artists and their expressions maximal exposure to a worldwide audience.

Art and Bohemia will do its best to satisfy your artistic needs and passions. We feel the need to distribute the values inherent to art – like creative freedom and aesthetics. As the saying goes: 'What is it that you express in your art? To me it seems to be more than all the print I have read in my life.' Should you have any questions or comments: Art and Bohemia is just an email away.

Thank you for your time,
Your Art and Bohemia Team