Copyright Policy

Art and Bohemia believes in original artwork and will do everything in its power to address copyright infringements. The agreement explicitly states that users of the website must not submit any content which infringes upon any intellectual property, (international) copyright, trademark, patent, or rights of publicity or privacy. However, if you believe that user-submitted content infringes any (intellectual property) right of a third party please let us know by notifying us through the contact-form available on the website Please list the following information:

 • the work and copyright that has been allegedly infringed;
 • information regarding the visible location and date of production of the infringing materials;
 • a verifiable consent from the copyright owner to address infringement, if notifier acts on behalf of a copyright owner;
 • name and address of the notifier.

Art and Bohemia will try to verify copyright infringements by reasonable investigation and reserves the right to remove any content that is determined as infringement on any (intellectual property) right of a third party.