Russian Federation  Barnaul

Hello everybody, my name is ILIA TORBIN, I was born in Russia, in Barnaul city, in 1985 year.

From my childhood I felt some energy or feeling inside me, which needed to be going out in some way. Subconsciously, all the time I was looking for some instrument, with the help of which I could realize that energy.

After sometime I introduced with several artists in our city. And I saw that being an artist you don’t need all that stuff which musicians for example need, you can be absolutely free in your artwork. Even just a paper and a pen can be enough to create a finished piece of art. This glamored me much. I started to be interested in fine arts and in 2011 year, began to attend classes of drawing, painting and composition. This is how i started my path as an artist.

My goal is to come to pure improvisation in my art, which is really not easy to do, in fact.

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