Sell art online

How to get buyers to find my work online?

Let's face it: more and more art will be sold online, and an artists' online portfolio will eventually become the primary venue for showing work and presenting credentials. So, you worked for months on an artwork and you wonder 'How to get buyers to find my work online?'

Art and Bohemia presents 10 concise Tips for you to consider:

1) Get your artwork on as many online art galleries as possible. Art websites generally have high rankings on search engines (due to regular updates on many different pages), making it easier for potential buyers to find you. Consider using only those art sites offering potential customers advanced searching functionality so your work can be singled out easily.

2) Get your own website and link to it from the art websites you use. We recommend not to use 'free websites' or webspace offered by your internet provider because they are usually loaded with third-party ads and are hard for search engines to find.

3) Make your art descriptions and artist biography as full and complete as possible. Search engines index your keywords and will return them to potential buyers looking for specific artwork.

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4) Use social media to connect to art lovers. Leading social network Facebook allows you to make groups and events and you can invite people to join. Although Twitter is a microblogging service that enables users to send and read text-based posts it's also great for showing your art with the build-in 'add image' functionality. We recommend using Twitter because Twitter has become one of the top 10 most visited sites on the Internet and has outstanding covering by search engines.

5) Invest some money in online advertising programs, like Google AdWords or Facebooks Ads (great for very specific targeting). Off course, if you have the time and knowlegde you could also employ free search engine optimalization techniques in your own website.

6) Say it - Print it! Face to face contact and the use of business cards with your website address printed on it offer an excellent opportunity to tell people where to find your art.

7) Join online art groups to get more exposure. You could also consider linking back and forth from your website to other artists' websites.

8) Use online auction sites like Ebay. It's a relative cheap way to advertise and increasing numbers of artists are selling successfully on Ebay.

9) Resist the temptation to show every artwork you've ever made - instead, show your best work!

10) Do your research: don't underprice your art - don't overprice your art. Set your prices in line with the market.

In closing, remember that those Tips will work over time. Art-selling is unfortunately not a piece of cake but requires patience and endurance. After a couple of months you should definitely experience some results from your efforts. Good luck!